'The Dreidel Game' by Jeffrey Parthun. Holiday Music sheet music for school bands

The Dreidel Game

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The Dreidel Game

Holiday Music - Grade 1.5

Jeffrey Parthun

How many times have you had some friends over to play and your younger brother or sister kept getting the way, bothering everyone and basically being a pain-in-the-neck? That situation inspired this arrangement. The piece moves along playfully until the obnoxious sibling makes an appearance with the trombone glissando. The melody for this piece is the traditional dreidel song. The simple binary melody is placed in settings that are meant to be comical and fun. Applying the printed articulations and dynamics will certainly add to the appropriate comical style of the piece. The dissonant oom-pah parts in the clarinet and xylophone (first appearing at 25) should be played lightly and with a sense of humor. The trombone glissandi should be raucous (not gross-but close!) and fun. The cowbell, triangle and tambourine parts add more playful colors to the piece as well.


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