Sound Fundamentals - Level 2

Sound Fundamentals - Level 2

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Sound Fundamentals - Level 2 

Tom Tucker and Lee Shook

Grade 2

Level 2 of the Sound Fundamentals Comprehensive Band Method is written for students who have completed the first year of band music learning.   The book is specifically targeted to middle school band programs.  The pace of the learning modules is rapid with focus on teaching the music essentials which are used in contemporary band compositions. This new edition includes unique music not found in any other band method and online practice files.

Free Practice and Play-Along Website

Practice and play-along at:

Sound Fundamentals Level 2  =  3 Books in 1

  • Part 1: Essential level 2 band music learning materials ($76.00 value)
  • Part 2: Complete Daily Exercises for Band by Lee Shook ($52.00 value)
  • Part 3: 5 compositions from the PDF Band Music library ($125.00 value)

 Included with Sound Fundamentals Purchase

Conductor Score, Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax, Trumpet, F-Horn, Trombone, Baritone BC, Baritone TC, Tuba, Bass, Mallet, Percussion


 Sound Fundamentals Book 2 - Flute Sound Fundamentals Book 2 - Clarinet
Sound Fundamentals Book 2 - Alto Saxophone Sound Fundamentals Book 2 - Tenor Saxophone
Sound Fundamentals Book 2 - Trumpet Sound Fundamentals Book 2 - Horn in F
Sound Fundamentals Book 2 - Trombone Sound Fundamentals Book 2 - Baritone BC
Sound Fundamentals Book 2 - Tuba Sound Fundamentals Book 2 - Bass
Sound Fundamentals Book 2 - Mallets Sound Fundamentals Book 2 - Percussion





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  • I recommend distributing the books via email.  In this way, the student is responsible to print the books.
  • The books can be used on tablets or in print form. Using tablets enables students to take advantage of the page link features.


Sound Fundamentals publication is protected under the US Copyright Act of 1976 and all other applicable international, federal, state and local laws, and all rights are reserved, including resale rights: you are not allowed to give or sell Sound Fundamentals to anyone else. If you received this publication from anyone other than, you€š¬€ž¢ve received a pirated copy. Please contact us via e-mail at:

Distribution of Sound Fundamentals:

1. You may make copies of Sound Fundamentals for student use in schools and colleges.
2. Uploading Sound Fundamentals Book files to an Intranet or to the Internet is FORBIDDEN without the permission of the Copyright Owner.  Contact tom.tucker@pdfband music.

Enjoy the books.
Tom Tucker

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