"Pep Squad Chants" - composed by Jerry Frazier,  Performance Level = Pep Band.  Band sheet music downloadable instantly in PDF format.  Cost = $ 24.

Pep Squad Chants

  • $24


 Pep Squad Chants

arr. Jerry Frazier

Pep Band - Grade 1.5

Nearly every school has chants for the band and audience. Pep Squad Chants is a collection of the best known chants. A lyric sheet is included so that happy fans can insert the mascot of their choice to make the tunes work for their particular school.

**** PDF Pep Band,Band Series**** Limited ranges and rhythms, yet, powerful and fun to rehearse and perform - "Pep Band,Squad Chants" is a level 1.5 composition with much part doubling. It is ideal for small Pep Band,bands with limited or unusual instrumentation. Optional bass line is included.

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