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Mulberry March

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Mulberry March

Jeffrey Parthun

Grade- Beginning Band

Mulberry March has proven to be a very fine beginning march for young players. It is an excellent teaching piece for reinforcing beginning pitches, simple 1/8th note rhythms, ties, dynamic contrasts and musical balance. The piece is written around a rhythmic motif that is presented with contrasting melodic treatments and orchestrations.The percussion parts are supportive and colorful. The non-pitched parts play an integral role in the structure of the piece and are more than easy 'boom-chick' accompaniments. Please note that the snare drum part uses buzzed 1/8th notes instead of traditional 16th note rolls. This reinforces in beginning percussionists the foundations of playing good snare drum rolls which are using a buzz or bounce played in a steady rhythm. The tambourine/suspended cymbal parts provide an opportunity for weaker players to use colorful but unusual parts. A part combining the bells and sus-cym/tambourine parts is included in this set because the bell player(s) may also play the tambourine/suspended cymbal parts, depending on the number of players in your ensemble. Conductors should feel free to add additional mallet instruments if they are available.

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Mulberry March is a composition by Jeffrey Parthun (Jeffrey Parthun - composer of Z-Fanfare, Traditional Angels, Opening Moves).

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