'Inversions' by Lee Shook. Grade 2 sheet music for school bands


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Lee Shook

Grade 2

Inversions by Lee Shook

From the opening horn solo to the dramatic conclusion, Inversions will take your students on an exciting musical adventure. As indicated by the title, this composition explores a variety of musical outcomes that result from the process of inverting and developing many of its composition elements; melodic intervals, rhythmic patterns, rest patterns, dynamic content, harmonic structure, emotional content, articulations etc.. Very playable by advanced level middle school bands, Inversions allows your students to experience many of the musical effects found in more mature wind band literature. Technically challenging passages are written in playable ranges with less complicated fingering patterns. Percussionists are exposed to a variety of instruments and techniques. Suitable for any performance setting, Inversions is a perfect choice for your festival program.


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