'High School Cadets' by Lee Shook. Grade 2 sheet music for school bands

High School Cadets

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High School Cadets

Lee Shook

Grade 2

John Phillip Sousa (1854 - 1932) the American composer known as "The March King", was born in Washington, D.C. The 3rd of 10 children, Sousa was a violinist by trade. Sousa enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1867 and served until 1875 after which he began a career conducting theater orchestras. In 1880, Sousa returned to Washington as conductor of the United States Marine Band, a position he held for 12 years. In 1892 Sousa resigned his Marine position to form his own civilian band. Sousa was the composer of more than 200 works, including marches, symphonic poems, suites, operas and operettas. High School Cadets was written in 1890. Sousa dedicated this march to the high school drill team at Central High School in Washington D.C. This march differs from most of Sousa's marches in that there is no introduction to the trio, no break strain and no stinger. The trio features a melody with swing style style rhythms. Sousa used this rhythmic treatment in a number of subsequent marches.


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