'Dragon Slayer' by Jerry Frazier. Grade 1 sheet music for school bands

Dragon Slayer

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Dragon Slayer

Jerry Frazier

Grade 1 and Beginning Bands


Written in 3/4 meter Dragon Slayer will energize students.  Each layer of the opening melodic entrances provide both rhythmic and melodic intensity which leads to the middle section of the piece.  During the middle section the band creates a 'battle scene' for slaying the dragon.  It is suggested that directors use the written rhythmic and sound effects as a starting point, but allow students to create the best 'battle scene' for the band.

The rhythms of 'Dragon Slayer' are simple, the ranges are moderate, and preparation time should be relatively short.  Since it is written in a modal tonality  the students will hear unusual tonal patterns which will invite discussion about the structure and history of modal music.


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