'Do-Wop-A-Do' by Lee Shook. Grade 1 sheet music for school bands


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Lee Shook

Grade 1

Just for the fun of it! Do-Wop-A-Do is certain to liven up your rehearsals as well as bring a little bit of fun to your next concert. Based on a four measure chord progression common to the pop music of the 50's and 60's, Do-Wop-A-Do is one to those songs that will get stuck in your head (for better or worse?). Students will enjoy their opportunity to play one of solos cued in the introduction. Parts are written with limited ranges to enable this piece to be accessible by a 2nd year band. ! Use this song to introduce your band to the key of Concert F. Clarinets do not go above the break and the drummers get to rock on!


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