'Chimichanga Cha Cha' by Jerry Frazier. Pep Band sheet music for school bands

Chimichanga Cha Cha

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Chimichanga Cha Cha

 Jerry Frazier

Grade 1.5 (Pep Band)

Chimichanga Cha Cha is an exciting light composition for young bands and pep bands.  Along with Burrito Bounce and Hollow Penyo Hop, composer Jerry Frazier offers a spicy menu of exciting and fun music for any occasion.  Chimichanga cha cha is a good study in uneven rhythms.  The band will enjoy learning the music and will learn it quickly. Ranges are moderate and there is much doubling throughout the song.  Parts are included for concert use as well as march size parts for pep band. The audience will literally "eat up" the Chimichanga Cha Cha.


Score and Audio

Chimichanga score

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