'Alaskan  Quest' by Len Orcino. Grade 2 sheet music for school bands

Alaskan Quest

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Alaskan Quest

Len Orcino

Grade 2

Composer Notes:

ALASKAN QUEST was written for a former flute player I had through middle school. She wanted to take her Siberian Huskies and run the Junior Iditarod.

She took off part of her junior year and she was only the second teen from the lower 48 states to compete and she finished 12th. She finished the 160 mile trek in under 20 hours. The event is 80 miles out, an over night rest (it was -10ø) and 80 miles back. This corresponds to the three sections of the piece. It was composed the Saturday and Sunday she ran the race. Jennifer earned a veterinary degree from Ohio State and currently works in Wisconsin.

This exciting programmatic composition is a very playable Grade 2 Band, piece for young bands. There are a few high notes that may need looking up, but everyone needs a challenge. Len Orcino


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