'A Little Tango' by Lee Shook. Grade 1 sheet music for school bands

A Little Tango

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A Little Tango

Lee Shook

Grade 1

A Little Tango! is the composer's third composition in the "Latin Series for Young Band". These compositions are designed to introduce young musicians to the various rhythmic flavors of Latin style music. The first theme, introduced by the low winds at meas. 11, is notated in a parallel minor (F-minor) to the key signature. Caution students to observe the accidentals and note that the key signature of F-major remains in effect throughout the piece. The second theme, introduced by the upper winds at meas. 43 reverts to the major key. These two themes are intended to represent the male and female dancers (minor and major) performing an Argentine Tango. Give some thought to the possibility of choreographing this piece to enhance your concert performance. Percussionists should enjoy the variety of opportunities written into the percussion score. The triangle part is essential and care should be taken to perform the muted (+) and open (o) articulations properly. Use a high pitched snare drum with snare turned off or consider bongos an alternative. Hand clapping parts will add to the flavor. Wind players with clapping parts become part of the percussion section during those measures. Balance clapping volume to the percussion section.


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