New Composer Information

New Composer Info

Composer Information Page

PDF Band Music was founded as a place where band composers have the opportunity to publish and sell compositions to a world-wide audience. Our panel of music educators is aggressively seeking new and exciting music that will have broad appeal to school instrumental teachers.

  • There are no fees attached to submitting music for publication on PDF Band
  • PDF Band Music will insure your compositions are professionally transcribed
  • PDF Band Music will create a computer generated preview audio file of each composition at no cost to the composer

What's the catch and what do you need to know?

  • Not every composition will be accepted for publication on the PDF Band Music website. Each composition will be evaluated by the adjudication team at PDF Band Music. We will only offer our customers musical works of the highest standards
  • Copyright and other Licensing Fees - The responsibility for the copyright of new music or music arrangements is the responsibility of the composer/arranger.
  • We make money by collecting 25% of sales. We believe that if a composition is selected to be sold on the PDF Band Music website that we will all profit.
  • What's the catch? There is no catch. We are simply musicians offering other musicians an excellent product at great prices. It is that simple.

What to do if you wish to publish your music on PDF Band Music

  • Contact Tom Tucker at
  • In your email tell us something about yourself and your background. We will write to you promptly with more information on submitting compositions.
  • Compositions must be submitted electronically using: PDF, Finale or Sibelius.
  • A mp3 file of your composition is recommended.