'Power Warmups' by Jerry Frazier. Pep Band sheet music for school bands

Power Warmups

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Power Warmups

Jerry Frazier

Level 1.5 - Pep Band

Power Warmups are 6 short warm-up exercises for band that are patterned after the famous Drum Corp International warm-up routines.  If you have heard DCI groups do their power and intimidation warm ups, you know how people love them.  This group of Power Warmups is written for middle school level bands. Percussion parts add excitement while warming-up the drumline at the same time.  You can teach tone production, balance, listening skill, and tuning through these drills.  They are actually a year-round set of exercises that can be used at different times when your students are ready to work on the various skills needed to produce a great sounding band.


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