'Our Director' by Lee Shook. Grade 2 sheet music for school bands

Our Director

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Our Director

Lee Shook

Grade 2

Frederick Ellsworth Bigelow (1873 - 1929) played the cornet in numerous New England brass bands. A pharmacist by trade, F.E. Bigelow wrote two marches (the second titled "NC4"). Although his contribution to march literature is small, the trio melody in "Our Director" became one of the most often performed and widely known of all American march melodies. Articulations should be marcato in style and quarter notes played in a detached, almost staccato, manner. Extremes of dynamic contrast are essential. Pay particular attention to the performance of notes in the first and second endings as they end or begin each melodic phrase. Note that the first time through the Trio melody is to be performed with legato articulations in contrast to the marcato style notated when the trumpet section enters at measure 92. Snare drum sticking has been included to help insure the proper 6/8 march feel.


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