"Trombonafide - Trombone Quartet" - composed by Dwight Beckham,  Performance Level = Ensemble - Brass.  Band sheet music downloadable instantly in PDF format.  Cost = $ 9.

Trombonafide - Trombone Quartet

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Trombonafide - Trombone Quartet by Dwight Beckham

Trombonafide is a level 3 multimeter, playful interchange between four performers. Fragments of the melody and glissandos are tossed from player to player coming together like a "jigsaw puzzle." A contrasting chorale with lush harmonies ensues before returning to the opening material. All four parts are equally challenging as well as equally important.

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Trombonafide is a composition by Dwight Beckham (Dwight Beckham - composer of Accolade March, Thermosphere, Troposphere).

*All purchases include scores and parts. Many band titles include additional parts such as bass guitar and keyboard.

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