'Aurora Hymn - Low Brass Ensemble' by Jeffrey Parthun. Ensemble - Brass sheet music for school bands

Aurora Hymn - Low Brass Ensemble

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Aurora Hymn

Jeffrey T. Parthun Sr.

Grade 2

This Grade 2 Band, ensemble may be performed by a low brass quartet or low brass choir. It was written for a group of 2nd year players wanting to go to solo/ensemble contest with an unusual collection of horns, trombones, baritones and tubas. The lead part (A part) is written for horn but a substitute part is included for trombone. Trombone and baritone parts (A, B, C) may be interchanged to meet any instrument combination but the C part is preferred for baritone because the number of low C?s may be better in tune, especially if you have smaller players on trombone. Treble clef parts are included for all trombone and baritone parts.

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