'Project March' by Jeffrey Parthun. Grade 2 sheet music for school bands

Project March

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Project March

Jeffrey Parthun

Grade 2

This arrangement of Harold Bennett€™s (aka. Henry Fillmore) classic junior/senior high school march is unique in a number of ways. Rehearsal marks help teach music terms. The piece was written to encourage all of the clarinets to work over the break. Any clarinetist having difficulty with the range may play the Trumpet 2 part. The trombone and baritone parts are both tenor voices and are identified as Trombone/Baritone 1 (high) and Baritone/Trombone 2 (low). Either instrument may play either part. Like many marches, Project teaches a multitude of concepts. In particular, it clearly teaches the importance of understanding how your particular part fits in with the others. about good balance if the parts containing the countermelodies understand that those lines need to come to the forefront. When rehearsing the piece you might legitimately ask the following question: Is the title to be pronounced as a noun (€˜pro- ject. Any piece of work that is undertaken or attempted.) or as a verb (pro- €˜ject. Cause to be heard.)? The tenor saxes,trombones and baritones would argue that their primary contribution to the project (n.) of preparing the Project march is to project (v.) their countermelodies in each strain.


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