"Kyrie from the Mozart Requiem" - composed by Arthur J. Michaels,  Performance Level = Grade 3.  Band sheet music downloadable instantly in PDF format.  Cost = $ 24.

Kyrie from the Mozart Requiem

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 Kyrie from the Mozart Requiem

Arthur J. Michaels

Grade 3+

Mozart composed his Requiem Mass in D minor (K. 626) originally for chorus and orchestra.
The “Kyrie” section is a double fugue. In this kind of music, harmonies are created not so much by chords, but instead by the blending of different melodic lines. This concert band arrangement is taken from the soprano, alto, tenor and bass chorus parts.
Mozart composed the Requiem in 1791, the year he died. It was his last composition. Mozart’s “Kyrie” is one of the most magnificent examples of fugue ever written.
Even though the piece was composed originally for mixed chorus and orchestra, this
arrangement lets concert bands and their audiences enjoy this brilliant work. Because this arrangement maintains the original key signature (D minor), this arrangement can be performed with a chorus singing the original music.

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