'Victory March' by Lee Shook. Grade 2 sheet music for school bands

Victory March

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Victory March

Lee Shook

Grade 2

The traditional American march form was made popular by early 20th century composers Karl L. King, Henry Fillmore and Edwin Franko Goldman. John Phillip Sousa perfected this musical form which typically consists of: a short introduction, first strain melody, second strain melody, trio (modulating to the subdominant key), break strain (dogfight) and finally a reprise of the trio melody in grandioso style. Victory March is reminiscent of this style of traditional American march music, however, a short percussion soli has been used in place of the second strain. March style articulations have been included in parts to assist young students with proper performance interpretation. Written with the melodic flavor of a "college fight song" , students should enjoy performing Victory March.


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