'Dixieland Jam' by Lee Shook. Grade 1 sheet music for school bands

Dixieland Jam

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Dixieland Jam

Lee Shook

Grade 1

'Dixieland Jam' is a lively "New Orleans style" piece, written for 2nd and 3rd year band students. The melody, comprised of a series of familiar blues riffs, is set in a 12 bar blues form. Ranges are limited and stay within the concert Bb scale octave. All lower voiced instruments play the bass line which will make this composition very playable by bands with limited instrumentation. The percussion groove can be performed on drum set if needed. Cowbell and siren whistle play an important role in establishing the Dixieland flavor of this piece. Eighth notes should be performed in swing style.

Your audiences will definitely enjoy Dixieland Jam!


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