Student Reaction to Using the Sound Fundmentals Band Method

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A teacher in Illinois asked her students to write short essays on using the Sound Fundamentals Comprehensive Band Method. Here are the results.


"Sound Fundamentals" helps me because I have more songs to practice so I can get better.  "Sound Fundamentals" helped me because it makes me feel confident and is fun to practice with The "Sound Fundamentals" The "Sound Fundamentals" helps me because it's easy to read the notes when I play and makes me sound much better when I play the trumpet. The "Sound Fundamentals" helps me because I can play much better and faster to play the trumpet. Please send more exercises and thanks for the book of "Sound Fundamentals".


The packet helped me by being the best trumpet player. It was like wow, he must be good and when I look at the book I started playing it at home and it really helped me play the trumpet a lot. When Mrs. G.  heard me play she said that I was the best, and you must be a good trumpet player. I wish you could hear me play. I hope Mrs. G.  told you that we are all good people and trumpet players. I hope you like this essay and I hope you have a very good life from us.


I feel confident after getting the "Sound Fundamentals" to practice. It helps me read music better. I didn't know how to read music that well. But now when I practiced these exercises I know how to read music better. I also like that the packet can be used for the first year and second year. That is how I feel after practicing with "Sound Fundamentals".


It help me read music better. I love the "Sound Fundamentals" it has really helped me. I liked how it has drills, songs and rounds. I did not read music very well at first but now that I practiced with "Sound Fundamentals" I have  got better at reading music. It  also helps  first and second year players. It can help all players to get better.


How the "Sound Fundamentals helped me is by, you can start out slow and go faster and faster as you go. With the other book that I had when we work together I was always scared to try a song. Now with the "Sound Fundamentals" I am not scared to try the song. And also it is easier to read notes and sight read. That is how I think the "Sound Fundamentals" helped me.


"Sound Fundamentals" helped me read music notes better because I practiced each day with my music packet. Once I went to school I had the best music lesson ever because the packet made me be able to read every note so now every time I go to my music lesson I sound like the greatest saxophone player. The "Sound Fundamentals" helps me when I go to my music lesson.


 "Sound Fundamentals" book is better than any other music book! This book is very organized and simple to understand. Also, the way they are organized when new note is OUTSTANDING! I have no more words, so check it out.


The book of "Sound Fundamentals" goes through everything slowly. It also give you a chance to use new notes and it helps me by going through everything slowly. If I were the person who wrote this music book I would be proud of myself.

Ariana C.:

I think that the "Sound Fundamentals" has helped me a lot and here are some reasons how. First of all it helped me learn what a time signature it is and what  it is used for. Another reason is that the notes are explained really easily. Lastly the "Sound Fundamentals" is really detailed and has a lot of information. These are some reasons how the "Sound Fundamentals" helped me.


 "Sound Fundamentals" has helped me read music better and here are some reasons why. One reason is that has helped me to see the notes, but not the letters. Another reason it has helped me is because when I play some songs it makes my fingers know what to do.  A third way is it has helped me because it has new songs in it and that helps me with my fingerings and by reading more music better. These are some reasons why the  "Sound Fundamentals" has helped me.


I read music before "Sound Fundamentals". I was great in music because I played piano and my school teachers asked me to play the saxophone. I was great but not that great. I use the  "Sound Fundamentals" and I improved a lot and I like the book. I got more confident that I can play better music.


"Sound Fundamentals" helped me. It helped me more that other trumpet book because it made me read music better. Also it helped me get out of the basement which means to play higher notes and now I can play middle school notes. Thank you to "Sound Fundamentals" for the great trumpet book.


"Sound Fundamentals" has helped me so much with reading notes. Before I struggled with reading notes. Now with the "Sound Fundamentals" I learned how to read the notes that I couldn't read before. It teaches you notes slowly and one at a time. The "Sound Fundamentals" has helped me so much over these past weeks. Thank you.


"Sound Fundamentals" has helped me by some reasons. First it showed me some sharps like G# and D#. Next, it taught  me some songs that I liked. Lastly, it helped me learn more. This is how the "Sound Fundamentals" helped me.








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