Student Reaction to Using Sound Fundamentals - Part 2

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Below are more non-redacted short essays written by students using the Sound Fundamentals Band Method.
Sound Fundamentals has helped me by some reasons. Fist, if showed me some sharps like G# and D#. Next, it taught me some songs that I like. Last, it helped me learn more. This is how Sound Fundamentals helped me.
The Sound Fundamentals book has helped me a lot. It really helped me because now I can actually make a good sound on my flute. Before I sounded like a bird that was about to die. It also helped me to read notes faster and play way more fast. Sound Fundamentals helped me keep track of the time I practice. I just love it so much !!!
The Sound Fundamentals helped me better than the book. I have had problem with counting to four in the notes. Stuff like "Whole Lots of Breath" helped me so much. I still have a little trouble doing it, but I will get better. I feel more confident to do music. Hopefully sound fundamentals will help more to learn to read and play better.
I think the handout is a great starter for kids just like me. It's fun and easy. I feel confident in reading music and to read the notes. I think this is great and you would like it too. But, remember to practice, practice and practice more and more every day.
Sound Fundamentals is a very good book it helps me read music better and faster when I barely started the Sound Fundamentals path I thought it was going to be hard for me but it taught me a lot, it's a very fun and cool music pack. Now I could read music faster and easier all because of this packet. I really like it, it has taught me a lot.
I like the Sound Fundamentals because it teaches you with the fingering of the keys. It gets easier first and then it get's harder and harder. I like how it starts with the Basics. I think the Sound Fundamentals is a really good book.
I am very grateful for this book because with out it I would not be able to read music notes. When I first started clarinet I was watching other people fingers while they play but now I can do it all by myself. I really like this book because it explains everything I have had questions about  in the past. Those are the reasons I am very grateful for this packet.
What I like about the flute packet. I like that it has drills for 2nd year players to play together. What I also like about the packet is that it has practice sheets so you can put in there how many minutes you practice.
I am so glad that I have this book to help me. If I did not I would not understand how to play clarinet. When I read the music it inspires me to practice. When I play I am happy because I know how to play. I am happy for the book and my teacher. I love what you do you are helping people. Thank you again for the book.
At the beginning I only knew like four notes. Now I know a lot more notes. I like using it because it is easy and simple. That is why I recommend to all use the "Sound Fundamentals."
How the Sound Fundamentals helped me is by how now, I can read music! And now I feel more confident in playing my saxophone and more confident in reading music! It helps me learn more on playing my saxophone and it makes me want to do more! My music teacher is proud that I can read music and how this book really helps. I give it a perfect 10/10. I totally recommend you use this book!
I think the packet helps a lot because they use a lot of pages for the basic notes so I think people who just start out can learn the notes a lot easier. I also think that the packet has lots of different ideas to teach people how to play.
The "Sound Fundamentals" has helped me a lot because before I would miss a 3 or 4 notes but after now I can read the notes really easily. After improving  without the book I was so so at the reading notes but after I used the "Sound Fundamentals" I feel more assure of the notes. Now I feel more confident and don't make mistakes on any notes so far. I like it. The "Sound Fundamentals" helped me in many ways improving. In conclusion this is how the "Sound Fundamentals" has helped me.
"Sound Fundamentals" helped me by reading notes. Also by playing better the flute. By reading the notes better I can read notes fluently and rapidly. This book has helped me by: helping me read music fluently, rapidly and clearly, and also playing the flute, longer and better. In conclusion this is what I like about the "Sound Fundamentals".
The "Sound Fundamentals" helps me because there are many difficult parts that are difficult. Sins they are difficult I some times. I challeng my self to do all of the song sometimes I get it wrong but by pratesing I get better at it. Now I also know how do notes work. I also like the part that we do about clap and lap.
The "Sound Fundamentals" helps me because it goes by difficulty. It is really good packet. It's really helpful for me. It has good rhythm.
Sound Fundamentals helped me road music of all of the notes that come for my trumpet, and I think reading music is fun.
"I think the second packet helps better its easier I think also a lot of kids would like it because from my knowledge it helps everybody else with the notes of the packet and now I am getting a lot of better with practicing and getting better every time.
This book helps me because. I get to learn the notes better. I am able to read the notes and the fingering for the trumpet. It shows me a whole bunch of songs to play for practice at home. It helps me get ready for my lessons at school.
I read music notes good. But it was hard to play the notes on my flute. Then when I worked on the "Sound Fundamentals" it helped me play the notes better on my flute.
This helps me by practicing trombone at home. I practice more now because it is fun instead of doing nothing. It helps me read notes by showing me were the notes are in the lines. And it also shows me the position in a little picture. I like it and I wan more song to learn.

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