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What is a PDF file?

PDF stands for "portable document format".  It was introduced to ease the sharing of documents between computers and across operating system platforms when you need to save files that cannot be modified but still need to be easily shared and printed.  Today almost everyone has a version of Adobe Reader or other program on their computer that can read a PDF file.

All files from PDF Band Music are in the "PDF" format.  You can easily open and print whatever you need for your particular band.

What do I get when I order a title from PDF Band Music?

After you make a purchase on the website you immediately receive a file(s).  The file will look something like this:  The Navy Hymn.pdf.

To open the file simply click on the file.  Most computers "know" that this file is a PDF file and the file will automatically open.  You will see something that looks like this.

The below sample is the first page of the score of The Navy Hymn.

How do I print the score?

1. Use the mouse to scroll down.  You are looking for the last page of the score.  The score to The Navy Hymn is 5 pages long.
2. Click the printer icon located on the toolbar.
3. The print dialog box will appear.

How do I print parts?

1. Scroll with the mouse to the part you wish to print.  In the case of the Navy Hymn each part is one page long, so this can be done quickly.

2. Press the print icon. 

3. The print dialog box will appear.

4. Using the above procedure standing over a copy machine becomes a thing of the past.  Using your office printer and a PDF file is much faster and far more convenient.

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